What to expect from a session


Clarifying your goal

We explore your goals and what you would gain (or lose) by achieving them. We clarify what you want to achieve, when and the specifics. By firmly establishing your goals and motivation, we can take the next step in understanding what needs to happen next.

Overcoming negative thoughts and beliefs

Very often, we carry around negative thoughts and beliefs within our subconscious. These beliefs can hold us back in many areas of our life without us realising it. Coaching gets us in touch with our subconscious, identifies our limiting beliefs and helps us reframe our thinking so that we can release blocks, move forward and feel happier!

Changing state

A fundamental principle of coaching is getting into the right state of mind for whatever it is we want to achieve. You can change your state from feeling hopeless, demotivated, unconfident, troubled, doubtful, etc.to feeling positive, confident, energised, relaxed, peaceful, centred, certain etc. – whatever is appropriate for the outcome you want to achieve

NLP - what is it?

I use NLP techniques which are basically processes which help you to see different perspectives; these can involve you moving around the room, visualisations or writing things down. These processes help to create new neural pathways (alternative thought patterns) and insights. They are surprisingly effective!

Maintaining progress

Together, we define key actions to progress for the next session so that each session moves you towards your goal. Coaching is all about movement - moving forwards and onwards! It is a very interesting and exciting process; it can release a lot of emotional blocks and I see people feeling lighter and energised as a result.

The difference between coaching and counselling

As someone who has both trained as a counsellor and a coach, and experienced both as a client, I can say that they are very different approaches. Coaching involves specific practical techniques which provide progress within the session. We 'calibrate' how close you feel to your goal at the beginning of the session and then again at the end, clients are often very surprised at how quickly progress can be made. It is the number one feedback point - they are surprised at how powerful a session can be and how swiftly their perspectives, confidence and thoughts can change.