Coaching testimonials



As someone who has been struggling with anxiety and coping with recent changes in my life, I found Claire's approach exceptional. From the very first session I felt at ease, able to comfortably share any issues I was having, whilst being provided with a number of techniques to help me deal with certain emotions. She has helped me overcome obstacles that were holding me back, and I feel more relaxed and ready to take on life's new challenges! Highly recommended to anyone who may be going through a similar situation, or struggling for a sense of direction. Thanks Claire! 


I worked with Claire during a period of unemployment  and am definitely pleased I did. Using subtle questioning  and coaching techniques, Claire enabled me to find the type of work (and employer ) that would best suit my personal needs. She helped me see my strengths and feel confident once again about myself and my abilities. I am definitely in a better place now both personally and professionally!


Claire is very easy to talk to and makes you feel comfortable and relaxed. I feel I have gained more confidence as well as finding ways to deal with/prevent my anxieties and stresses. I highly recommend this coaching as it is truly effective for anyone!


Thank you Claire for your help in giving me the extra confidence boost I needed to get me through the job interviews I had. The coaching you gave me really helped me become more confident, prepared and it counteracted any nerves I had originally. I'm pleased with the result as I have now have a new job! Thanks again! 


After just one session, I completely turned my life around.


Claire got me thinking about things in a totally different way; I am definitely going to do things differently as a result - thank you!