What is life coaching?


Life coaching is a service which helps you to focus on areas of your life you wish to change and in a nutshell work on changing them. On the surface this might sound very straightforward, however often the human psyche means that we can struggle with this concept. Sometimes we don’t know what we need to change, but we know something needs to be different. Other times we know what needs to be different but we struggle to make the change because of ingrained behaviours, feeling 'stuck' and perceived obstacles. Sometimes we just don’t know how to make a start.


Coaching is completely focused on you and what it is you want to achieve. It is a very interesting process where we uncover insights and perspectives which may be hindering your progress in life. It is not unusual for us to carry all sorts of limiting beliefs and thoughts around in our subconscious and coaching works to unlock these and find alternatives. 


Coaching enables you to find your own power when it comes to managing your life. When you know that you have done everything you can to achieve the goals you want, it is then very difficult to have regrets in life. Decisions become fully informed and not 'automatic'. You are in control of your own direction, behaviours and thinking.