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Professional life coaching in Wiltshire

Professional life coaching in Wiltshire

Professional life coaching in WiltshireProfessional life coaching in WiltshireProfessional life coaching in Wiltshire

Weight Loss Coaching

Most people know how to lose weight but struggle with the psychological aspects of weight loss, like self-control,  emotional eating, cravings and overcoming the perception of 'past failures'. 

Weight loss coaching helps you to:

- create a strong vision for a healthier you, this really helps to anchor motivation and keep you on track 

- choose goals that are realistic and attainable so that you can build your confidence in your ability to lose weight 

- discuss in detail how you can overcome challenges around food

- create and embed new and positive lifestyle habits

- find physical activities that suit you as an individual

- tackle limiting beliefs that may be holding you back

- work out what is happening when you 'self-sabotage' and re-engineer that process in your mind

- review and maintain progress

- gain control over food!

My credentials in this area are:

- Specialist weight loss coaching trained (Centre for Nutrition and Lifestyle Management/UK College of Personal Development)

- Personal Trainer Qualification (Premier Training)

- Health and Wellbeing coach for the National Prevention of Diabetes Campaign (NHS)

I also have personal experience of weight loss struggles so I can fully relate to every aspect!

Weight loss coaching can either be short term to get you started or longer term, depending on what works for you as an individual and your budget.