Working with teenagers

My practise has evolved and I now work with teenagers, many of whom have low self-confidence, growing anxieties, limiting self beliefs, a negative body image, anger issues and are generally not enjoying life as much as they could. I help my younger clients to let go of unhelpful thought patterns, see their own personal strengths and qualities, learn to like and accept themselves and feel grounded and confident.

My aim is to empower young clients with a 'toolkit' of strategies which will help them move forward through the next chapters in their lives with ease and joy.

I am DBS cleared and I offer a warm, safe, reflective, gently challenging approach with humour and compassion. I'm always happy to have an initial chat with Mum/Dad/Guardian to discuss how coaching works in the context of the particular challenges the young person is experiencing.

I also mentor at a local secondary school in Calne. I find working with young clients wonderfully fulfilling a