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Managing Anxiety

"Anxiety is fear with the luxury of time". 

This is an area of personal interest for me and I have undertaken various CPD courses focused on anxiety. Having experienced it myself, throughout my life, I am familiar with its effects and how disturbing it can feel. I can also recall and relate to the secondary emotions brought on by anxiety - feelings such as frustration, anger, shame, hopelessness. 

Coaching is a very effective way to tackle anxiety. It helps to break it down into a mental process, with triggers and different stages. Because it is a process, it can be interrupted and re-engineered. I work with clients to help them see their anxieties from different perspectives, foster the belief that they can overcome these experiences and find effective solutions and strategies.  I find a lot of NLP processes help anxiety much more than just talking about it (which can exacerbate it!)  

Please get in touch if you would like to discuss how coaching can help anxiety and panic attacks.